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choc_turtle [userpic]

Pretty boys shop in KL,Malaysia

December 12th, 2007 (05:06 pm)

current location: sitting on Koki's shoulder(hey i'm tiny!)
current mood: amused
current song: Good Charlotte - Dance Floor Anthem

Hm..it's been a long time since i wrote anything here...
Well i just want to tell something...

To all pretty boy's fans in Malaysia(JE, korean and chinese included)
there a shop which sell merchandises such as key chain, handphone strap, mouse pad, posters, jewelleries, photo books and other kinds of stuff in Timesquare,KL...
I dont exactly remember in which floor the shop is..somewhere between floor 5-7...it's a bit hidden so be sure to comb every inch and corner to find that shop...

I found quite a lot of KAT-TUN stuff too..key chains and phone straps..huge posters..and even Kame's playing card (trump card)...they even sell jewelleries that look like what KAT-TUN used to wear...but dont gets your hope high, Jin's fans...!cause you wont be seeing any sexy lady necklace or earing or fairies necklace...with the jewelleries came a picture showing who's wearing what...and most of the picture are pretty old...like somewhere between year 2001-2003...meaning those jewelleries are pretty old...and I only sees Kame's one(then again maybe cause I had my eye out only on him..hehe.. :P )

Well they have lots of other stuff too..and at the paying counter..they have this catalog book in which you can order...I dont exactly go through them but from what I can see...it contains mostly jewelleries (I may be wrong)...maybe you can find latest one or Jin's one...and im not sure about the price either...the catalog looks like it's from japan/china...so I guess you have to ask that aunty for the price...

All in all...I think that was a pretty impressive shop..since it's very hard to find that kind of shop here in Malaysia...so for anyone who has the chance be sure to go there...I think a lot of fangirls (and fanboys too..musn't forget about them :D ) are going to be happy with that shop..! ^_^

--I just notice...I dont even write the name of the shops...sorry guys I dont even know what it is...so what?I was busy looking at Kame's key chain I dont have time to look at the name...blame kame for being too pretty -_-'

choc_turtle [userpic]

Otanjoubi Omedetto

July 1st, 2007 (11:15 am)
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current location: Next to My Sleeping Cat
current mood: nervous
current song: Chance - UVERworld

Wah!!~~ It's today!!~~ I'm going in a few hours... D:

Sigh...looks like im not going to login for 2weeks..don't ask me why 2weeks... ~_~

Well...cuz i'll miss Jin's tanjoubi for sure...so i would like to say in advance
HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY JIN!!!!eat a lot of cakes and hope you have a fun time on your birthday!~~::with kame by your side..lol ^^ ::

Sigh..missing Jin's bday would mean to miss my own bday too..wuaa i would be celebrating my bday all alone this year D": For the first time in 19 years(well almost ^_^") im going to celebrate my tanjoubi alone...Since im going into a University which no one knows me...i guess a happi bday wish from them would be too much to ask...and bday cakes and surprise party would be out of the question.. -.-.

Well since im on the subject of bday..i would also like to wish other people in advance
Ken Miyake..Happi 28th Birthday! (2july)
Massu..Happy 21st Birthday!(4july)
Shige..Happy 20th Birthday!(11july)
And to my friends,cousin and uncle..happi birthday to you guys too!!(10&12, 3 and 14 july respectively)
And not forgetting my to-be-cousin...we'll meet each other in this world soon ok!can't wait for your arrival! XD
Wow...a lot of people celebrate their birthday in july~~ ^_^

choc_turtle [userpic]

Atarashii Jinsei!

June 30th, 2007 (12:22 am)

current location: On Koki's Book Shelf
current mood: stressed
current song: The Cure - Picture of You


I can't believe that tomorrow my holiday is already over...a new life..a new chapter of my life is starting~~

Eh..o_0 maji desu ka..??i still cannot believe it..my primary skool life is still livid in my memory..and now im already going into university...i'm a university student!! :D

No matter how much i said it it still sound kinda funny ^^"

Oh well...people say that campus life is the best time of our life(then again..that's what they say about high skool life..~_~ ) so i guess i should stop worry so much and try to enjoy myself...tanoshimini!! :-]

choc_turtle [userpic]

[ 100% Yuki ]

June 25th, 2007 (08:13 pm)

current location: Inside Jin's brain
current mood: blank
current song: Your Side - KAT-TUN

Eh?!? o.O

I dunno Ya-Ya-Yah has sung an opening (and closing) theme for an anime...it's [Ninja Boy]..haha..i mean i watch that anime since i know how to speak!lol ok maybe not..but still..it's been around for almost 10 years now...i guess the song was for the newer version of [Ninja Boys]..cuz Ya-Ya-Yah cant already been around for 10 years..i mean Taiyo is just around 6 years old at that time...and i certainly dont remember their song from back then...:-/

I was just going through all the channel in one go and suddenly i heard a familiar song going


and i was like eh?~~~then i saw their name in the credit and i just cant stop laughing...dunno why...not that i see anything funny in this...i just cant stop laughing for sum reason.. XP

And i really love that song.. [100% Yuki] (and they sang [Sekai ga Hitotsu ni Naru Made] for the closing) and i also love that anime..despite the fact that i havent watch it for probably 5 years..so i decide to give it a try again...but i guess the new ones are not that funny compare to the one i watch back then..i use to laugh really hard watching this anime..oh well..go Ya-Ya-Yah...they're just too cute! :D

choc_turtle [userpic]

16 Signs You Love Someone

June 18th, 2007 (12:07 am)

current location: On the desktop of Ueda's laptop
current mood: amused
current song: Don't Matter - Akon


When you're on the phone with them late at night and they hang up, you still miss them even when it was just two minutes ago.




You read their Texts and Ims Over and over again.




You walk really slow when you're with them.




You feel shy whenever they're around.




When you think about them, your heart beats faster but slower at the same time.




You smile when you hear their voice.




When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you, you justsee him/her.




You start listening to slow songs while thinking about them.




They're all you think about.




You get high just from their scent.




You relize you're always smiling when you're looking at them.




You would do anything for them, just to see them.




While reading this, there was one person on your mind this whole time.




You were so busy thinking about that person, you didnt notice number twelve was missing




You just scrolled up to check & are now silently laughing at yourself.


Now let me say this...to who ever has noticed that no. 12 was indeed missing from the beginning...that mean you dont have anyone you're currently in love with!!Haha jk jk...and yeah the reason there is big gap between all the numbers is so that people wont notice no.12 was missing..at least not right away.. XP

Sigh~~I guess just because i did notice no. 12 was missing AND didnt have anyone as my love interest (except of course, for KAT-TUN and other JE boys ^_^) i dont need to drag other people to feel as crap as me...hehe..not that i feel much that way anyway...pretty happy to be flying solo~~ XD 

And some random stuff..i just watch fantastic four..cool movie..chris evans is really cute and funny in here! ^_^

choc_turtle [userpic]


June 14th, 2007 (12:56 am)

current location: (still) in my Room
current mood: frustrated
current song: Broken Heart (Acoustic) - Dashboard Confessionals

uwah~~Another day full of oppurtunity past by...and yet here i am in my unproductive state..stuck inside my house and staring at my computer for the past three weeks...sigh ~_~

And i was wondering why am i being the object of people to let out the frustration to..?!?what did i do (or didnt do for this matter) to deserve this..im being nice to help them do this thing and yet all i get was angry remarks... -_-.

And suddenly everything seems to be moving so fast......

choc_turtle [userpic]


June 4th, 2007 (01:41 am)

current location: My Room
current mood: dorky
current song: Amane Kaoru - Stay With Me

Yah i knoe..no one's reading this...so here i am...rambling to myself...

Dear me...why r u so boring...?
I dont know...maybe cuz i AM boring...
Well u might as well walk around with a huge sign saying "IM BORING" across ur forehead...
Well u knoe wat..maybe i should...but there's just seems to be one problem...
Wat is it?
Well since i'm just locked up in my room...there's no use for that sign...
Sigh...u truly are a boring person...
Sigh...yah i knoe..dont need to rub it in...
Just saying mate...
*suddenly a third me appear"

Well i should stop this before anyone puts me in an institution...sigh~~

choc_turtle [userpic]


May 9th, 2007 (02:00 pm)

current location: In front of laptop
current mood: bored
current song: the sound of my sis vacuuming the house~~


I'm still learning how to use this lj...
tho it's not dat hard...but there's just many buttons n links...
n i want to customize it as soon i finish learning how to use this CSS n HTML thingy...
may take a while tho...
but all my sources are thousands of kilometers away...
6235km to be exact...


choc_turtle [userpic]

My First~~

May 9th, 2007 (12:06 pm)

current location: In sis bedroom
current mood: cold
current song: Naked - Avril Lavigne

Wah~~This is my first Lj post...
Wanna learn more about this first...~~

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